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About me

Originally from the Berlin area, I have been living in Munich for over 25 years. Although our city has much to offer, my curiosity draws me again and again to distant countries - to work and travel there. Languages and cultures have interested me since my childhood.

The journey is the reward

It was, of course, determined early on that I would study languages - and not something "more secure" like medicine, business, or law. After graduating from university, several years in tourism, and as a tour guide - interpreter, I got to familiarize myself more with the Netherlands. Two years later, I embarked on my trip home, full of new impressions, experiences, and with a new language in my luggage.

One ticket to America and back

In Munich I switched to journalism. My editing career started after a ten month language course in Vancouver, and inn Los Angeles. In Hollywood, I reported on stars and starlets, crimes and scandals. It was very exciting to meet Michael Douglas at his movie premiere, to chat with Playboy Bunnies about exotic sultanates, and to enjoy the American way of life under Californian sun!

Down to earth in Bavaria

But I decided to return to Munich. The San Fernando Valley in Greater Los Angeles can get really hot in summer time. My project-related jobs as an editor for a technical magazine, a business-online magazine, the website of an IT company, and later on as an online editor in the entertainment and travel department, were somehow more “serious”.

Off to Brazil and Oman

Ultimately, I cannot agree with the Dutch maxim: "Doe maar gewoon, dan doe je al gek genoug" ("Behave normally, then you behave crazy enough"). I guess one should take advantage of the opportunities that life offers, and so I spent as a freelancer and as part of my intercultural training the recent years in South America, mainly Brazil. I especially like Rio de Janeiro and Salvador da Bahia, of course. But I also feel very comfortable in the giant metropolis of São Paulo with its enormous diverse cultural and gastronomic highlights. However, the Arabian Peninsula fascinates me as well, especially Oman. During my work as an editorial supervisor on the cruise ship MS EUROPA 2 and on private trips, I have been to Muscat, Salalah, the desert "Empty Quarter", to the Dhofar mountains and other beautiful regions several times.

Varied activities important

As diverse as my travel activities are, so is my professional life. Whether it is in the editorial office, agency, publishing house, IT company or in tourism, I enjoy working in these areas. It is important to me that the job is fun and the working atmosphere is pleasant. In order to expand my portfolio, I have developed my knowledge of Online Marketing and Web Design.