Konstanze Pfeiffer


Online Publishing • Tourism
Intercultural Training
Online Publishing
Intercultural Training

About me

Fast, sociable and perceptive as the dolphin – as a multilingual online specialist with a university degree and many years of experience in the social media field, journalism, and tourism, I am always excited with new personal and professional challenges.
In addition to my work for other clients, I publish my own websites. e.g.
"The WorldTraveler".

Online Editor & Blogger

After more than 15 years in online publishing, projects, and agencies, I have mastered the digital scale from the inside out.

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Tourism Specialist

As a travel agent I have never turned my back on tourism. As often as possible, I combine editing with traveling.

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Online Marketer

For some years – after a profound further education, I have been working as an "Online Marketing Manager".

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Intercultural Trainer

I use my intercultural knowledge to support small international companies regarding structuring their websites.

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What other people say about me

"Standstill is not a condition for her"

(Susanne Schnitzenberger)